Thursday, April 24, 2014

The 24th Thing

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I survived this technological venture!!  I'm not going to lie, computers have always been very daunting things to me - but after using 23 Things, I am feeling more confident than ever about Web 2.0!

I think my all-time favorite was exploring Google Drive.  I love that I can create a powerpoint presentation online that will automatically be saved!  And the best part about it - now I don't have to go and purchase Powerpoint for my computer!

Of course, this course has impacted my lifelong learning goals because I never thought I would ever try to tackle the things that I managed to do through this blog.  Make a video?  Did it!  Design some posters?  Did it!  Set up a RSS feed?  Did it!  Amazing - this blog has given me the confidence that I needed to continue to explore and navigate the internet.

I was surprised by how easy some of these tools were to access and use.  I will say, thought - I did NOT enjoy opening up so many accounts for things that I feel like I will never use again.  Then again, never say never, and I completely understand why this blog calls for us to do so as engaging learners.  Sooooo, I guess it is necessary to create accounts on different things in order to explore and learn about them properly.

Now that I have a new perspective on technology and new things that I have access to (because I've opened up so many accounts), I plan on using as many of these tools as possible in my future classroom.  If these things are important to my students, I want to use them as much as possible so that I can connect with them on every level.

Thank you, 23 Things!  You have opened up my eyes!

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