Thursday, April 24, 2014

The 24th Thing

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I survived this technological venture!!  I'm not going to lie, computers have always been very daunting things to me - but after using 23 Things, I am feeling more confident than ever about Web 2.0!

I think my all-time favorite was exploring Google Drive.  I love that I can create a powerpoint presentation online that will automatically be saved!  And the best part about it - now I don't have to go and purchase Powerpoint for my computer!

Of course, this course has impacted my lifelong learning goals because I never thought I would ever try to tackle the things that I managed to do through this blog.  Make a video?  Did it!  Design some posters?  Did it!  Set up a RSS feed?  Did it!  Amazing - this blog has given me the confidence that I needed to continue to explore and navigate the internet.

I was surprised by how easy some of these tools were to access and use.  I will say, thought - I did NOT enjoy opening up so many accounts for things that I feel like I will never use again.  Then again, never say never, and I completely understand why this blog calls for us to do so as engaging learners.  Sooooo, I guess it is necessary to create accounts on different things in order to explore and learn about them properly.

Now that I have a new perspective on technology and new things that I have access to (because I've opened up so many accounts), I plan on using as many of these tools as possible in my future classroom.  If these things are important to my students, I want to use them as much as possible so that I can connect with them on every level.

Thank you, 23 Things!  You have opened up my eyes!

Things #23 - Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a very important thing to know if one chooses to share and participate in numerous things online.  It is a way to give credit to those who originally produced the idea, or shared it originally.  By acknowledging someone as the original creator, you give them credit as well as thanks for allowing you to take their idea and run with it.

I found this on the Learning 2.0 - 23 Things for Teachers blog site:


Learning 2.0 - 23 Things for Teachersis based on Learning 2.0 - 23 Things, a staff development program for theMesquite Independent School District. That program was based on the Learning 2.0 program that was designed by Helene Blowers and adapted by the California School Library Association and others. Content and style for Learning 2.0 - 23 Things for Teachers has been borrowed and duplicated with permission, under a Creative Commons License.

This is an example of Creative Commons because it is giving credit to the individual who originally published this idea online.  

Teachers can use Creative Commons in their classroom if they plan on borrowing other individuals' work online, such as a blog similar to 23 Things for Teachers.  This is a good tool that I'm glad I'm aware of, just in case I end up doing just that.  

Thing #22 - LiveBinders

The titles of my binders are Books: Personal and Professional Material, Teaching Resources, and Author Webpages.  You can visit my binder titled Author Webpages here.

I really enjoyed exploring the different ways teachers use LiveBinders in their classrooms.  Many of them used it to create a collection of student work.  I think I may do that, and then parents have the opportunity to visit the binder and see their child's work.

Blog #21 - Animoto


Animoto was fun.  I'm not sure if I'll ever use it again in my life, but you never know.  At least I know it's out there if I'm ever interested in creating a free 30-second video, or paying to create a longer one for my classroom.

Thing #20 - YouTube

I found a School House Rock video on pronouns!  I remember watching this video when I was in elementary school.

Obviously, youtube can be very useful in the classroom.  It allows the teacher to use other types of instruction besides just lecture or via text.  Some children learn best visually, so a video would be a good addition to any lesson plan.  I like the variety that can be found on youtube.

I also enjoyed exploring PowToon.  There, you can create your own animations or presentations, or explore other people's creations.  This could be useful in the classroom if I ever decide to create my own animation to help students understand certain concepts.  Although it is a neat tool, I will probably stick to YouTube and TeacherTube if I want to explore different videos to use in the classroom.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thing #19 - Social Networks

When I started EDUC 5540 at the beginning of the semester, I opened an account with Pinterest.  I've been a fan ever since.  Facebook and Twitter are not my favorites; however, I really enjoyed browsing some of the educator social networks posted, like TLNing (Teacher/Librarian) and Good Reads.  One of the best uses of social networking for educators would be sharing ideas, which are very important in professional growth and development.  Later, when I'm not as overwhelmed with all this technological stuff and I'm not in college any more, I might join more social networking sites for educators so I can get some fresh ideas for my future classroom.

Thing #18 - Twitter

I never ever wanted to create an account on Twitter.  I can't believe I did it - and I ONLY did it for my grade.  Period.  Here is the link to my profile.

It is important for teachers to understand social networking because it is what their students use on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute basis.  In order to teach properly, a teacher must know their student - so understanding that social networking is part of everyone's life (especially a young person's life) is a very valuable piece of information.

What I've learned about Twitter is that I could have probably lived forever without it - and I probably will after today.  It seems like a giant vacuum, sucking up everyone's time because they get drawn into reading up on what people are doing - like going to the grocery store.

However, I started following educational things, and I even added PBS, and some neat pictures and quotes popped up.  I can see teachers encouraging students to follow certain things in order to serve educational purposes... maybe like a museum or something like that.  That would actually be really neat... okay, maybe Twitter isn't all that bad.